Graphic Design, Digital Video Editing, Web Design, Radio & Television Production

Looking to get started in the media arts industry? Whether you want to become a graphic or web designer, a videographer or digital media creator, or think you belong on the radio, in front of the camera or behind the scenes, the Specs Howard School of Media Arts (SHS) can give you the training the industry is looking for.

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Our Programs

Specs Howard’s three distinct programs stress hands-on learning and project-based education in Broadcast Media Arts, Digital Media Arts, and Graphic Design.

With access to all of the equipment, resources and software needed to complete project-based course work, and training from the professional faculty at Specs, students gain direct experience in their chosen fields, while learning the skills and theories necessary to work in the media industry.

Broadcast Media Arts

Radio, television and new-media broadcasting, on-air and on-camera presentation, news and feature writing, lighting techniques, camera operation, voice work, field production, digital editing, live broadcasts, and graphics for broadcast, plus career preparation.


Digital Media Arts

Specs Howard’s DMA program trains students in digital video and image production, editing and technical operation, offering hands on experience in areas from project management, script writing, to image manipulation, HD camera operation, pre- and post-production.


Graphic Design

Specs Howard’s Graphic Design program immerses students in image creation and manipulation – from digital imaging, web design, document creation, branding and logo creation, graphics for the web, camera and lighting techniques, and career preparation.