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You may call us directly at 248-358-9000 or 866-61-SPECS or Apply Online to start the process. One of our admissions representatives will follow up with you to set up an admissions appointment and tour of the school. Applying online does not bypass any of the following steps.

Attend Admissions Appointment - Take a Tour

The admissions appointment allows you to inquire about our programs, employment opportunities, program schedules, calendars, policies, registration processes, and Career Services procedures. The tour will allow you to see the campus and facilities available at Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

Complete the Entrance Evaluation

The entrance evaluation tests vary slightly depending on the program.

  • Broadcast Media Arts (BMA): Prospective students must take a general aptitude test, a grammar test, a computer proficiency test and a recorded speech sample.
  • Graphic Design (GFX) & Digital Media Arts Programs (DMA): Prospective students must take a general aptitude test, a grammar test and a computer proficiency test.

Applicants must obtain a passing score in all designated areas to be admitted into their respective program. Applicants who do not pass the entrance evaluation are informed of their areas of weakness. An applicant may be referred to an appropriate educational facility or private organization for possible remedial work.

Additional Information

Applying for admission

All applicants are charged a $50.00 application fee following successful completion of the entrance evaluation. (Note: this fee is non-refundable after midnight of the third business day following the signing of the enrollment agreement.) Applicants must meet the admissions criteria and all applications for enrollment must be approved and accepted by a member of the acceptance committee. Specs Howard School is a private institution and reserves the right to deny admission to any individual who, in the judgment of the acceptance committee, does not possess the ability to be successful in the chosen program of study or who poses a threat to the educational environment.

Enrollment agreement

Complete an enrollment agreement upon acceptance to Specs Howard School, in order to secure a seat in a class. Applicants may enroll at any time prior to the start date of any scheduled class, subject to availability. Each applicant?s Admissions Representative will explain the provisions of the enrollment agreement, admissions procedures, registration requirements, class openings and availability, and work to place the student in the class of his or her choice, pending availability.

Student orientation

Student orientations are scheduled approximately two weeks before the class start. Attendance at orientation is mandatory. If a student is unable to attend orientation, that student must notify his or her Admissions Representative. Failure to attend orientation without acceptable notification may result in loss of the assigned seat in class. Specs Howard School reserves the right to replace that student with the next student on the waiting list. Applicants must adhere to all requirements as described on the enrollment agreement.

Equal Opportunity Educational Facility

Specs Howard School of Media Arts is an equal opportunity educational facility open to all persons, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or national origin. Application to the school?s programs is?open to persons who have graduated from high school or who have obtained a GED equivalency.?High school seniors who satisfy all other admissions requirements may register for Specs Howard programs, but their enrollment will be contingent upon receiving a high school diploma.

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