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Specs Howard Is Looking Ahead
School Transitions to Offer More Opportunities

(April 9, 2021, Southfield) – As he has done for the past 51 years, Specs Howard is moving with the times. In 1970, Howard opened a tiny school with not much more than a turntable and a microphone. Over the decades, the curriculum grew to teach classrooms full of students learning radio, television, digital media and graphic design. Specs has always had the clarity of vision to know when to make changes in order to better serve the community’s needs.

Sometimes Mother Nature gives a little nudge, and it’s hard to ignore what really needs to be done. Two years ago, the school was hit with three major floods and then a fire and was forced to temporary close and then move. As often happens through hardship, a great deal of learning came along as well. As a result, Specs has decided that it is time, once again, to make a change.

The Specs Howard School of Media Arts has decided to partner with another highly-regarded school. As the talks progress, we are still teaching and classes are continuing. The partnership will allow students to not only complete their studies, but will open up new possibilities to expand their educational opportunities.

The Specs Howard name has always stood for quality, integrity and honesty. In the next phase of its incarnation, the Specs Howard brand will continue to remain true to all of the above. The future structure will not entirely resemble the past. The foundation, though will remain the same. In the coming weeks you will be hearing about new endeavors from the Specs Howard family. We thank you for your patience and trust and we promise the best is yet to come.

Stay tuned.

Our Programs

Specs Howard’s three distinct programs stress hands-on learning and project-based education in Broadcast Media Arts, Digital Media Arts, and Graphic Design.

With access to all of the equipment, resources and software needed to complete project-based course work, and training from the professional faculty at Specs, students gain direct experience in their chosen fields, while learning the skills and theories necessary to work in the media industry.


Our BMA program teaches radio, television and new-media broadcasting, on-air and on-camera presentation, live broadcasts, news and feature writing, lighting techniques, camera operation, voice work, field production, digital editing, graphics for broadcast and career preparation.


Our DMA program trains students in digital video and image production, editing and technical operation and offers hands-on experience in areas from project management and script writing, to image manipulation, HD camera operation, pre- and post-production and career preparation.


Our GFX program immerses students in image creation and manipulation, digital imaging, web design, document creation, branding and logo creation, graphics for the web, camera and lighting techniques, social media and career preparation.