The school may require a limited number of additional supplies for its programs. Should additional equipment, books or materials be required for any given program, a list will be provided at the time of enrollment, and the student will have the opportunity to purchase some of those items at the front desk, or they may purchase the items at any other outlet of their choosing.

In addition, the Specs Howard School of Media Arts makes it as easy as possible to participate in the online component of its curriculum through their Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the Specs Howard Access to Resources for Education Program (SHARE).

All students must have unrestricted internet access to support the requirements of the online portions of the curriculum. All students will receive a Specs Howard-issued computer device as part of the SHARE Program (Specs Howard Access to Resources for Education). These devices must be returned to the School at the end of the student’s enrollment at SHS, in the condition issued. (Minor wear and tear will be taken into consideration.)

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